For different reasons – Brexit, economic crisis, Europe, right-wing populist governments – Europe is confronted with a wave of europhobism. For many people European Union is the scapegoat for any difficulty and challenge arising from global trend and has to live with constant reproaches of bureaucracy and inefficiency.

Young people tend to be a little more positive, as they profit from the mobility activities offered by EU programmes like Erasmus+ and others, enjoy to travel freely and to chose their preferred country of study or work. It cannot be taken for granted that the young generation as a whole is pro-European or will stay pro-European.

MEGA is taking up these findings and aims to dealing with them in the context of youth work, where a lot of young people from different social backgrounds can be reached in informal settings. The project seeks to strengthen young people as potential ambassadors of the European idea by helping them do unmask Europhobic, populist distortions of the image of the European Union. An informal, playful learning offer making use of the motivation power of gamification will foster critical thinking capacities and equip them with the knowledge and skills to counter Europhobic myths with undistorted European realities. Thus, they will become able to spread positive attitudes towards the European Union and its underlying among their peers.