EUROCIRCLE was founded in Berlin in 1992 as a European confederation of independent promoters of the social, educational and employment services. In January 1996, the association was established as a French non-profit organization with the headquarters located in Marseille; an affiliate Eurocircle Germany is located in Berlin. EUROCIRCLE has coordinated transnational projects with competent partners at local, regional and international levels for more than 20 years. EUROCIRCLE uses its contacts in the international arena in the arrangement of project consortia, e.g. for application in the framework of international programmes. Its partners include the European Union institutions, government departments and local authorities, associations, foundations, businesses, educational institutions and private clients. EUROCIRCLE is committed to the values of the international solidarity, sustainable development and anti-discrimination in all its activities and has made it its mission to fill the term Europe with life, and to contribute to tolerance, equality and intercultural dialogue.

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47 rue du Coq 13001 Marseille