MEGA will be put into practice in a piloting phase involving interested youth workers and young people. The MEGA main outputs will be designed in a way which makes it easy for other organisations to apply them in their informal learning activities and will be embedded in renowned networks related to relevant project areas that will maintain the project results, tools, teaching and learning opportunities also after the project lifetime. In terms of concrete products MEGA will develop the following outputs:

  • A comprehensive research report on widespread europhobic myths and real success stories of the European Union
  • Online gamification environment presenting these beliefs and myths and online quizzes leading to accurate facts about the issues concerned
  • Train-the-trainer course for youth workers to address Europhobia in an informal, gamified way in youth clubs and other places where young people meet
  • A publication promoting and explaining the MEGA approach at combating e Europhobia by a strategy combining online gamification and interactive face-to-face interventions in youth groups.