Currently, Europe is confronted with a wave of Europhobia and right-wing populism. For many people the European Union is the scapegoat for any difficulty and challenge arising from global trend and has to live with constant reproaches of bureaucracy and inefficiency. In the United Kingdom, narrow majority voted for Brexit, although an overwhelming majority of younger people wanted to stay inside the European Union. MEGA stands for Make Europe Great Again and is a two-year project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme that aims at enhancing critical thinking and media literacy of young people by analyzing and unmasking Europhobic myths. The project deals with an issue that is of European interest as anti-European tendencies can be observed in all member states and this is why European approaches are needed to cope with the problem.

The main project objectives are:

  • To foster critical thinking in young people so they can better unmask Europhobic myths and misconceptions about the European Union
  • To develop positive attitudes towards the European Union and its underlying values

The project partnership is coordinated by the German Adult Education provider BUPNET GmbH based in Göttingen and consists of partners with complementary experience and skills from Austria, Cyprus, France, Italy and Lithuania.